Mother’s Day 2014

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my fellow Mamas out there!  My first Mother’s Day is shaping up to be wonderful, laid back and full of love!  My wonderful Hubs let me sleep in (I woke up at 10!), then we went to Tim Hortons for breakfast and coffee, and finished off with an early afternoon at the park and then a walk on the beach.  It was simply splendid!  Beauty tried to eat a few rocks at the beach, and found a pinecone that she kept until it poked her too hard and she got mad at it.

I got the cutest text from my own Mama this morning “Morning Mama today is our first Mudders day. I love you to the moon an back!!!! Nana is writing dis message for me cuz I cant write or talk yet but if I could I would say youre the best mama in da universe I WUV YOU ❤ Love Beauty your baby girl”  Thanks Mama, I learned from the best 🙂


Hope everyone enjoys their day!

Stay Awesome.


20 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Loved

  1. Put “Love” notes in her lunches.  either draw little pictures, write an encouraging note, or just write “i love you” – use your imagination.
  2. Have “mommy and me” and “daddy and me” dates regularly.
  3. Let him pick what to do for family night.
  4. Be free with “I love yous”.
  5. Tuck her in every night.
  6. Sing together.
  7. Thank him when he does something helpful or kind.
  8. Apologize and mean it.
  9. Tell her what she’s good at.
  10. Ask him questions about his day, about his interests, about his friends.
  11. Play silly games together.
  12. Share stories about your childhood.
  13. Display artwork and read (actually read) stories and poems.
  14. Attend concerts and recitals.
  15. Make eye contact when your talking to her.
  16. Make time, no matter how busy you think you are.
  17. Play pretend with her.
  18. Show him respect.
  19. Trust her.
  20. Hug him, just because.

What do you do to show your child love?

Mommy Wars

Mommy Wars was coined in 1986 to describe the stay at home moms vs. the working moms.  In more recent years it has become more generalized to describe the war between moms on a plethora of subjects, from when to introduce solids to spanking to formula/breast feeding.  The debates can get down right nasty in online forums with outright vicious name calling.

We all do the best with what we have.  Our parents knew less than us, and their parents before them.  We are a generation of information overload.  Yes, breast is best, but formula will not kill, deform, or stunt.  Solids before 6 months *may* increase risk of allergies, but some babies need solids to thrive as early as 4 months (or to help with reflux).  My grandmother was told formula was best for her first two, and by her third the recommendation was breast milk.  My mother was told to put rice cereal in my bottle at 4 months (a choking hazard).  Everyone’s circumstances are different, every child is different, every mother is different.  We are all in this together, and we need each other.  The information we have access to is there to help make an informed decision, not to put down those who chose an alternative.  If a baby is healthy and happy the how is not important.

Mommies should not be at war, they should be united.  They should help each other without judgment.  Everyone’s got their own way, if it doesn’t harm anyone then let it be.***

***I have to end this with an clarification.  I believe everything I’ve said above, but I have to make it clear that I believe the vaccination/anti-vaccination debate is separate from this.  As I said above, “Everyone’s got their own way, if it doesn’t harm anyone then let it be” and not vaccinating can be harmful to both the child left un-vaccinated and to people who for one reason or another cannot be vaccinated.  I will not go into an internet forum and belittle or name call those who choose not to vaccinate, I simply stand firmly that it *should* be done.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

February is a big month in our home.  My husbands birthday is the 21st, my cousins is the 15th, and my best friends is the 2nd.  My husband and I also celebrate 11 years together this Valentines Day.
Nothing big planned this year.  Love and I are doing dinner out for his birthday with some friends, and my bestie has invited us out for his birthday.  That’s it really.  Beauty and I are going to a good friends 2 year olds birthday on the 9th which will be new for Beauty, since we haven’t hung out with any groups of kids yet.
Boring post, I know…I promise something better next week!
Stay tuned.